It's like Ugg Boots for your Horse!

Suppliers of highest quality equestrian arena crumb rubber from Australia's leading rubber recycler / manufactures.

  • 4 mesh crumb rubber buffings/shavings.
  • 8-15mm granules
  • Screened
  • Cleaned
  • No foreign objects


» About Arena Rubber

Arena Rubber:

Most injuries to horses occur over extended periods of time, so early installation of an enhanced surface is critical for long-term health of the animals. Rubber-based equestrian surfaces provide optimum traction and shock-absorption that lessens the strain on horses and riders. Even the weakest horses trot comfortably on rubber enhanced surfaces, protecting their legs and minimizing bone injury. Horses and riders perform better, for longer periods of time.. In addition to reducing the physical stresses of riding on less-forgiving surfaces, Rubber surfaces provide a much safer surface in the event of rider falls. As one of the most efficient impact-attenuating surface materials available, Rubber provides protection against serious head and bodily injury. Rubber surfacing for Horse Arenas, Stalls, Paddocks and other Equestrian Areas retains just the right amount of moisture to minimize dust, holds up to rigorous daily use, and requires far less maintenance than other surfaces. It needs to be replaced far less often, saving thousands of dollars over the life of the product.. Save time and money by choosing a low maintenance solution that will increase the health and longevity of your Horses and provide superior fall protection for their riders. Benefits of Rubber for Equestrian Arena Footing and Horse Stalls include:

  • Reduces impact attenuation and injury risk in rider falls
  • Reduces long-term stress-related injuries to horses and riders
  • Reduces dust and mud
  • Discourages insect and rodent infestation

A longer lasting alternative to wood chip or fibre is small pieces of crumb rubber . A rubber-based surface requires less maintenance, and is less likely to become waterlogged or dry out. A big advantage of rubber surfaces is that they do not freeze: frozen arenas can be a major problem for owners, who often want to ride early on winter mornings and could lose valuable riding time for days.

Rubber is dust-free and is unlikely to blow around in a strong wind and it wont wash away under normal weather conditions.

The most important point about rubber surfaces is they cannot be used entirely on their own. They need a base, and sand, ideally silica sand, is best.

Finally, rubber is probably the most comfortable surface to ride on and fall off on to.
Best for: outdoor arenas, particularly for jumping, since it is less likely to result in skidding when horses land or concussion injuries.

What you should know: if you want to change your arena surface in the future, rubber is not biodegradable and may be expensive to get rid of.

Life expectancy: pretty much indestructible if maintained according to manufacturers’ guidelines, such as keeping the surface levelled.

Over all, a very safe, lifelong investment.

» The Rubber Advantage

Get the Rubber Advantage

  • ALL WEATHER - free draining in the wet, resists freezing in the winter.
  • DURABLE - hard wearing particles which won't wear down or disappear into the sand.
  • SOFT - for comfort and reduces the risk of injury to riders in a fall.
  • SAFE - Manufactured from steel free materials. It is a 100% steel free product.
  • ENERGY - absorbs impact and gives spring.
  • LOW MAINTENANCE - interlocking shreds minimises tracking, rutting and kickback. Minimal raking and re-levelling required.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY SENSIBLE - manufactured from 100% recycled material.
  • LOW DUST – The rubber surface caps the underlying sand layer and minimises dust emission.
  • RETAINS MOISTURE – prevents the underlying sand from drying out.
  • RESISTS the wind and avoids the surface and underlying sand being blown away.

Durable, long-lasting material reduces replacement costs by thousands of dollars:

  • Never rots or decomposes
  • Doesn’t erode, wash or blow away
  • Reduces maintenance time and costs
  • Metal-free
  • Never freezes
  • Improves performance
  • Non-toxic
» Available Sizes & Coverage

Delivery available - just ask.

AREA SIZE - For 10mm Cover (approx)

1 Tonne @ 10mm = 240m2
20m x 20m = 2 tonne
20m x 40m = 3.5 tonne
20m x 60m= 5 tonne
20m x 80m = 8 tonne

ROUND YARDS (Diameter)

10m = .5 tonne
12m = 1 tonne
15m = 1.5 tonne
18m = 2 tonne
20m = 2.5 tonne

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Horse Arena Rubber and Surfacing Geelong
Equestrian / Horse Arena Rubber
Horse Arena Rubber and Surfacing Geelong
Horse Arena Rubber
Arena Rubber and Surfacing
Arena Rubber and Surfacing Geelong
Equestrian / Horse Arena Rubber and Surfacing Geelong
 Equestrian / Horse Arena Rubber and Surfacing